SAM-e is Is A Nutrient That Does A Lot More Than Alleviate Depression

SAM-e Information : SAMe pros and cons

SAM-e information:


SAM-e is a nutrient manufactured naturally by the human body. Our bodies use the amino acid methionine to produce SAM-e...and although methionine is a good amino acid supplement in its own right, you cannot
increase your body's level of SAM-e by taking methionine.

SAM-e is Is A Nutrient That Does A Lot More Than Alleviate Depression

However, if your body is lacking in methionine, then its production
of SAM-e may also fall as a result.

SAM-e is a very important substance that is involved in dozens of life giving metabolic processes within our body.

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SAM-e has both pros and cons. Does SAMe work on depression? Tens of thousands of people take SAMe for depression.

SAM-e is crucial in the manufacture of important compounds found in the brain, such as phosphatidylserine and neurotransmitters.

SAMe helps neurotransmitters bind to receptor sites.

This, in turn, causes an increase in serotonin and dopamine activity -- two very important compounds that strongly influence our moods.

Phosphatidylserine itself is an essential nutrient for cells...especially nerve cells where it is needed in high abundance, helping such cells communicate with other cells by promoting and releasing neurotransmitters.

So, should you take SAMe for depression? Does SAMe work on depression?

Numerous studies indicate it does.

One Government study reports:

"Out of 39 unique studies considered, 28 studies were included in a meta-analysis of the efficacy of SAMe to decrease symptoms of depression....Compared to placebo, treatment with SAMe was associated with an improvement of approximately 6 points in the score of the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression measured at 3 weeks (95 percent CI [2.2, 9.0]). This degree of improvement is statistically as well as clinically significant and is equivalent to a partial response to treatment."

SAM-e Information

There is a great deal of SAM-e information out there, but not much of it covers the fact that SAMe is effective in relieving osteoarthritis pain.

The same US government report above concludes that it is, in fact, 80% more effective in relieving osteoarthritis than placebo.

SAM-e Pros and Cons

Now that we've discussed some pros, let's talk about some of the cons.

SAM-e Information:

First, SAM-e appears to be very safe, with no signficantly adverse side effects reported in the literature. However, people with bipolar depression should avoid SAM-e.

In addition, people currently on prescription medications should speak with their doctor before taking SAM-e to discuss any possible drug interactions.

Other more common side effects include: nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort.

SAM-e is a nutrient that can be destroyed by your powerful stomach acids on contact. It is important you take an enteric coated SAMe supplement. The enteric coating allows the nutrient to pass through the stomach acids almost entirely unscathed and get into your bloodstream where it goes to work.

SAM-e is Is A Nutrient That Does A Lot More Than Alleviate Depression

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